Development & Manufacturing

Development & Manufacturing


MP Audio Blue Brit Overdrive Pedal Development & Manufacturing

Making of the Blue Brit

MP Audio’s products are handmade and hand finished. This page shows the process each Blue Brit goes through.

Case prep

The cases arrive raw, first step is to hand brush the cases, this transforms the cases from dull to bright. It also gives them a slightly worn feel and will disguise road ab/use.

A stencil is then used to help the centre punch find its mark.

Once all the holes have been centre punched, all the pilot holes and final holes are drilled.

The cases are then cleaned ready for their label.

The label is very high quality and laminated with an extremely wear resistant polycarbonate layer. This means that long after the case is all beaten up and dinted people will still be able to tell what it is!

Circuit board assembly

The Blue Brit has been engineered and designed using best practices and techniques. Every component has been selected carefully to get the best sound and lowest noise possible. The components are a mix of surface mounted and through hole components. Despite a number of complicated and difficult to solder components, all the boards are hand loaded and soldered by myself.

Final assembly and wiring

Once the circuit boards have been loaded, it’s time to wire up the footswitch and bolt everything up.


Once the pedal has been assembled and tested, it’s ready to be put in the hand stamped box with some Velcro and rubber feet (whichever takes your fancy).