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The MP Audio 2Face distortion pedal is a high gain distortion/fuzz pedal with an active “Body Control” equaliser knob. It is the perfect distortion pedal for the guitarist who loves a singing or screaming lead tone, but also wants the flexibility of being able to boost or scoop the mids to get the perfect modern or vintage tone (or anywhere in between).

In combination with the gain control, it is possible to get an incredibly wide range of different tones from the one pedal!

The 2Face distortion pedal is NOT a clone pedal. It is unique design that you will NOT find anywhere else.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x 2Face High Gain Distortion Pedal
  • 4 x Rubber Feet
  • 2 x Strips of Male Velcro
  • 2 x Strips of Female Velcro

In stock (can be backordered)



Following the success of the Blue Brit, I had several customers who wanted more of what MP Audio had to offer, namely something with more gain. They loved the Blue Brit for its amazing rhythm and clean(ish) lead, but wanted an overdrive pedal for sustaining lead. Engineering on the 2Face begun!


The 2Face shares 90% of the same componentry of the Blue Brit. These components are the secret of its amazing ability to preserve your tone, even make it sound more full. The 2 Face however has a modified overdrive circuit which allows for 5 times the gain of the Blue Brit! In addition to this it has a narrow band mid control which focuses specifically on the lower end of the mids of the guitar; the real meaty end of the sound. Turn the “Body” knob to the right it boosts the mids and gives a thick classic rock tone. Turn it to the left, you have a scooped modern metal/prog rock tone.

This is where the 2Face name comes from. The two extremes of what this pedal offers in Body control are worlds apart!

The controls are simple: Gain (or drive), Body (Mid boost/cut control), Tone (High cut filter) and volume.

When it comes to the engineering side of this pedal, no expense has been spared and no design decisions have been made lightly.
I have investigated the so called “Mojo” components and have separated the fact from fiction. This means that every component has been agonised over to give the best possible tone and best signal to noise ratio.

The design is based around op amps, and instead of using the tired old op amps that have been used for the last 20+ years I have completely thrown out the rule book and gone for the highest quality most sonically accurate, LOWEST NOISE op amp I could find; An op amp typically found in high quality headphone pre-amps and hi-fi gear.

The result is an incredibly rich full bodied sound that truly represents the original tone of the guitar yet with the ability to curate your tone toward either metal or classic rock (or anywhere in between).

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gary Hotovec

    This is the second MP Audio pedal I own. I also have the blue Brit. The 2Face is a fantastic distortion pedal, that goes into fuzz territory with a turn of a knob. Very versatile, warm sounding USEABLE distortion and fuzz. I love the clarity and full sounds this pedal,produces. Like the blue Brit it adds another dimension to the over all tone of the guitar and amp, something that is lacking in most other pedals of this genre. I highly recommend MP Audio and BOTH the Blue Brit and 2Face.

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