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The MP Audio Blue Brit is a low-mid gain transparent overdrive pedal. It is the perfect overdrive pedal for the guitarist who loves the way their guitar and amp sounds clean and wants to boost their amp into gorgeous overdrive without having a pedal change or ruin the tone they have worked so hard to curate. Being a low gain pedal it is very easy to get the exact amount of grit you are after.

The Blue Brit is very dynamic, with minimal compression. This means that if you pick/strum softly it will be quiet and clean, but if you dig in, it will break up.

Most importantly (for me anyway) It is NOT a Tube Screamer or KLON clone pedal, although as a dirty boost pedal, it is great at doing “The KLON thing!”

The Blue Brit is unique design that you will NOT find anywhere else, and is unsurpassed when it comes to preserving the tone of your guitar and amp.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Blue Brit Overdrive Pedal
  • 4 x Rubber Feet
  • 2 x Strips of Male Velcro
  • 2 x Strips of Female Velcro

Development & Manufacturing

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When I set out to design the Blue Brit, I wanted a pedal that would be versatile, simple to use and sound great with any Guitar or Amp. It had to be suitable for different types of players too, both rhythm and lead. But what I wanted most of all was for it to produce a beautiful rich smooth overdrive; something that could be clean when played lightly, but break up beautifully when you dug in.

What I came up with is the Blue Brit!

The name Blue Britt hopefully isn’t too cryptic, it comes from the fact that its sound was based around Marshall (British) ideas; it’s Blue and sounds great for playing the Blues.


The Blue Brit is an analogue overdrive pedal, that is, it produces a soft clip. However, it is more than that, if you continue to keep pushing up the gain, that soft clip will start to turn into a hard clip. Combine this with a guitar with really hot pick-ups, it can be possible to get a very chunky, rocky distortion.
So if you want just a smooth overdrive leave the gain to the left of twelve o’clock. If you want more of a distortion sound, turn the knob to the right of 12 o’clock. This is obviously an approximation and will depend a lot on the type of amp and pick-up combination you are using.

The controls are simple: Gain (or drive), Tone (High and mid high cut filter), Presence (To recover the highs when tone is rolled out) and volume.

When it comes to the engineering side of this pedal, no expense has been spared and no design decisions have been made lightly.
I have investigated the so called “Mojo” components and have separated the fact from fiction. This means that every component has been agonised over to give the best possible tone and best signal to noise ratio.

The design is based around op amps, and instead of using the tired old op amps that have been used for the last 20+ years I have completely thrown out the rule book and gone for the highest quality most sonically accurate, LOWEST NOISE op amp I could find; An op amp typically found in high quality headphone pre-amps and hi-fi gear.

The result is an incredibly rich full bodied sound that truly represents the original tone of the guitar being used which I believe is unrivalled when it comes to audio quality and preserving the “True Tone” of your guitar.
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Download Blue Brit User Manual



Reviews (4)

4 reviews for MP Audio Blue Brit Overdrive Pedal

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gary Hotovec

    In my search for an overdrive pedal I must have looked at just about every pedal in the $20 to $150 range. While some came close to what I was looking for there was always something missing, like a pinch of salt o an otherwise fantastic dish, or a splash of color in a mostly colorful pallet. I came across the Blue Brit and thoght this was it! The first time I tried it I got goose bumps. This pedal took an already beautiful sounding vintage amplifier and added that pinch of salt, that splash of color. So much versatility and massive dimension this pedal delivers it all. If you like the at your amp sounds, and love your guitar tone but feel like there is just a little something that would get you to the next level without losing or sacrificing your tone, this is the pedal to have bar none. Couple with superb customer service MP Audio is the David to the Goliths.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hal Southwell

    I’ve had this pedal for about a year now and I use it as a slightly dirty boost that adds a lovely touch of presence to my tone. It is almost always on. I have way too many pedals, mostly boutique and some really nice boost pedals but the Blue Brit has something (for me) that keeps it on my pedal board. It’s not better than the EP boost or RC boost or the Hot Cake or Klon etc etc……..but it does something that works well for me and my rig.
    This is a great pedal at a good price that is locally made.
    It works well with other pedals, great for stacking.
    I love it……thanks MP Audio

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ryan Lestrange

    I’ve been using the Blue Brit pedal to push my Marshall JTM45 into some nice od compression. Certainly does the job for some bluesy goodness. Build quality of the pedal is great, holding up to gig abuse fantastically. Mine is Version 1 and from all accounts the current version is even better with a lower noise floor (which must be bloody low becuase mine is dead quiet). Great pedal. Cant wait to see what comes out of MP next. Cheers.

    Guitarist – Barrie Jessep & The Vibe.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I do not know how many overdrive/distortion pedals I have: too many! From originals to clones… they come and they go out of my pedalboard – this one stays… I almost do not change the setings: either it’s “on” or it’s “off” because when it’s “on” I deal with the vol and tone of whatever guitar I’m playing and that’s it – that sound! Tube amps around, different power tubes, the Blue Brit is always there as a no-noise friend, delivering his magic… With my new Princeton Reverb (22watts) built by a friewnd, it sounds marvelous… Dirty? Amp clean and guitar Vol at 10… Clean? Guitar Vol at 5… simple as that!!! And each guitar sounds it’s own way and timber, no noise – I’m a no-noise-freak-obcessed, so, no noise, only that addictive way of delivering the sound we expect it will deliver!!! And Matt is a magician (and a very friendly and interested) in a world overcrowded of pseudo originals that in fact are no more than the clone of the clone of the clone… tedious. And expensive. And frustrating. Not with Matt/MPAudio and with the BLUE BRIT!!! Thanks a lot, Matt, keep on your ingenious way for the pleasure and delaight of our ears!

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